From February 14th to the 17th, Tretbox was selected to participate at the Urban Pioneers startup competition created by Smart. The stage was big, it was an event presented at the IAA, Frankfurt’s premier International Auto Show and part of the Me Convention, a beautiful catered event hosted jointly by smart/ Mercedes-Benz in partnership with SXSW.

The concept was quite unique. Each participating startup had to submit a 1 min video describing their business idea and, wait for it, pitch inside an electric smart car… while being driven in a specially designed course!

The anticipation was big. But the event was great. We had the chance to meet amazing people and startups from all over, including the many corners of Europe and Israel. After the 3 minute pitches, which were in front of hundreds of event participants and streamed, it turned out to be a great experience.

Vieran Hodko, our new head of Marketing and International growth represented Tretbox proudly in presenting our idea and later handling a tough but inspiring panel that included: Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart , Conrad Fritzsch, Director of Digital marketing at Mercedes-Benz, Daniel DeParis, head of Smart labs, Don Dahlmann, a respected German journalist, Dr. Jeff Wilson, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Kasita and Scott Wilcox, head of innovation at SXSW.

About Tretbox: We are an emobility startup based in Berlin, Germany. We are currently disrupting first and last mile delivery with a new category of electric vehicle that gives logistics companies more flexible, more affordable and better designed solution.