Tretbox is a dynamic group of individuals who are collectively working to provide innovative, reliable and disruptive solutions. We want the city, boroughs and neighborhoods to feels closer and better connected than ever! Meet the team making this vision a reality.

Beres Seelbach

Beres Seelbach


Beres is a serial entrepreneur, having founded his first successful venture at the age of 24. He is an active outdoors enthusiast and has travelled extensively. This has allowed him to explore many horizons and cultures. He has an acute understanding of the immediacy of creating more sustainable means of transportation. In his last venture, he was CEO of an emobility service company specializing in fleets.

Murat Günak

Murat Günak

Head of Design

Murat is a very accomplished automotive designer heading some of the most known traditional car company’s design studios as well as having founded a couple of important clean mobility startups. Having graduated from the prestigious London College of Arts and Harvard, he completed several design commissions before become head of global design for both Mercedes and the Volkswagen group. For years, Murat has been interested in developing a new form of transportation that is more in tune with today’s reality, both by usage and sustainability.

Philipp Kahle

Philipp Kahle

Head of Product & Engineering

Philipp began his fascination with vehicles with his passion for racing. Even in his University days, he participated in numerous competitions in the emobility sector. He is still active in this community as a judge and mentor. In his professional career, Philipp has worked in several projects involving powertrains, battery systems and quality control and testing.

Vieran Hodko

Vieran Hodko

Business Development

Vieran is a trained architect and multilinguist, having grown up on different continents. His passion for Design and Communications lead him to complete several assignments in the automotive industry and notable Fortune 500 companies. During the last several years, he has helped several startups deliver concise messages and roadmaps to grow in different markets in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Fabian Schray


Fabian is a talented industrial designer from Reutlingen, Germany. One of Fabian’s main qualities is his exceptional work ethic. He is very articulate in the positive impact design can have on people, and when done right, can actually improve people’s lives. He joined Tretbox firmly believing, like us, that cities need a second chance and to be able to connect more fluidly between people, nature and neighborhoods.

Tillmann Epp


Tillmann chose an
‚unconventional’ engineering school in Dresden that combines both mechanical engineering and design. He experimented early and often in his family’s workshop with different objects and gadgets to see how they are made and work. This background has helped him understand collaborative work. He is an important link in making solutions that are both masterfully designed & engineered.

Anton Elmiger


Anton is a Berlin born and raised engineer. Personal and professional assignments led him to create multiple designs that challenge the status quo.One of his passions lies in 3D optimized shapes. In a previous project, he helped to develop an innovative form and frame for a Quad copter. With Tretbox, he is working hard to create an optimal and innovative engineering solution that is both efficient and fun to ride!

Tobias Scholtes


Tobias is a mechanical engineer coming from the south of Germany. While interning, he was fascinated with how materials are processed, how they work together and the assembly/construction phases of parts. He had relevant experience in the car industry working with measuring technologies. This experience helped him to become a very creative thinker, a problem solver and the hands on experience required to understand what is needed to get to final result.

Tamim André Faizy


André studied Business psychology before migrating towards UX design and marketing. He is fascinated at the study of human behaviour and actions which lead him towards a path of creating holistic customer experiences. He strives in creating studies in usability, communications and merging them in to powerful and impactful visuals and media. He is helping the Tretbox team, among other tasks, build the brand’s identity and how are products will interact with future users.


Future Star Team Member

There are currently no active openings but we are always looking for great people to join our design, engineering and product team in the not too distant future!

If you are interested to find out what opportunities exist, please send us your CV, cover letter and a link to a 30 sec. freestyle video of yourself, talking about something you’re really passionate about at


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