Sure, there is a lot of buzz around Berlin, especially in the last few years. As a startup, you just simple cannot be present in all circles and events. That’s why Berlin Startup night is such a cool concept. It gathers over 270 startups in different fields and domain into a small perimeter in central Berlin for all to see.

We were invited to showcase our vision of the future, more specifically how we want to present a new category of vehicle for delivery and logistics companies. We often think we are alone or in a small group of companies building products that are hardware and modes of transportation. So it was really nice to see that others are working to create solutions of different types of applications, particularly in mobility. For this reason, select other startups along with ourselves were invited to pitch, present and showcase our solution at the wonderful VW drive space in the Mitte District in Berlin.

One of the great benefits of such an event is actually to talk to the general public. We often see and connect with mostly people in the startup world when developing and is was really great to collect valuable public at large.

About Tretbox: We are an emobility startup based in Berlin, Germany. We are currently disrupting first and last mile delivery with a new category of electric vehicle that gives logistics companies more flexible, more affordable and better designed solution.