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Tretbox officials - Foreground: Konstantin Guenak, 8, son of Tretbox co-founder Murat Guenak. Background: Tretbox founders Philipp Kahle, Murat Guenak & Beres Seelbach

For tomorrow’s driving

At Tretbox, we aim to create innovative and disruptive solutions to make city living cleaner, friendlier and more enjoyable.

The story of Tretbox actually began decades ago. Murat Guenak, our head of design was enjoying a profilic career as a designer. While working as Chief designer at both Daimler (Mercedes-Benz cars) and the Volkswagen Group, he helped bring to life some of the most iconic cars on the streets today. But in parallel, he spent a lot of time thinking about a more adapted and sustainable form of transportation suited for the urban environment. He then crossed paths with Beres, our CEO. Beres was running a succesfully electric mobility solutions company in Germany; from fleet operations to sales, he was one of the first to distribute and sell different types of electric vehicles as they entered the market. Along came Philipp, racing enthusiast and an expert in light electric vehicles to complete the founding team.

So today, as electric cars are gaining an increasingly larger footprint in the market, we approached the future of mobility within the city differently. Cars seem to be a solution for both short and long-distance travel. But for the city, they are not optimal. Most cities are not designed for cars, trucks, buses and other large means of transportation we currently use. They need additional solutions; more efficient solutions that are better adapted to the city’s ever changing needs . So we envisioned a new category of electric vehicle, and when we realized it was not a car, EVERYTHING changed. It changed because the rules are different. The dimensions are different. The times are different. We decided to create a vehicle that is optimal for quick and short movements, that is better for the planet and more fun for people operating them.

First and last mile delivery

We are starting by creating a solution for a segment that is in dire need of innovation, First and last mile delivery. Because of how busy our daily lives are, we barely notice the direct impact of how our parcels and goods are delivered to us.
In the video below, we show you why it is so important to change this and what we are doing about it:

What makes our solution unique?


Vehicle as a Service

We are introducing a new kind of business model that is a lot more flexible for fleet operators and more favorable for continuous innovation. It’s all part of our proposed ecosystem which includes partnering with CityHubs, as well as the carefully designed and engineered Tretbox vehicles for a more complete solution for today’s first and last mile delivery needs.


Designed and Engineered in Germany

Tretbox is the first holistically designed cargo e-bike that encompasses the driver’s ergonomics as well as the driver’s needs and experience. From a fleet operator’s perspective, it also offers the flexibility of having interchangeable cargo containers that can be swapped for different applications and ever-chaging needs.

Quality & Feel

An e-bike that is not an e-bike

Our experience and DNA stems from what you have come to expect; the look and feel of a well conceived and manufactured vehicle that is meant to last and withstand the daily workload that a city vehicle is accustomed to.

HQ- Berlin

Hall 20 | Bouchéstr. 12

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